Students will learn of the rich cultural heritage of African Dance in this dynamic and interactive incursion program.

African dance expression stems from a cultural need for the African people to celebrate victories, harvests, marriages, the birth of a child and various ceremonies. The dances are energetic, fun, expressive and sometimes eccentric, and men, women and children are all involved. As a genre, it has gained widespread recognition and is been staged and taught internationally, because of the high energy moves and music, combined with drumming and local musical instruments. 

Program Includes:

  • Learn modern and traditional dance moves, from commercial African, through to Afro jazz, Afro-Contempo or traditional
  • Interactive dance workshop - fitness, fun, acrobatics and some drama
  • Includes some various dance roleplays and games, such as the fishermen’s dance, farming, animal characterisations, hunting, warrior dance and singing, follow the leader and more



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