Speak Well, Perform & Achieve!

Super Speak for schools is Australia's leading public speaking workshops for pre-school, primary schools and high schools.

With a focus on fun, our interactive workshops aim to develop confidence and skills in oral communication. 

Our workshops are:
• Designed specifically for pre-school, primary & high schools
• Tailored to meet your school’s needs & budget
• Proven, effective, affordable & highly commended
• Run by experienced, qualified, accredited & registered teachers
• Connected to the Aust Curriculum & NAPLAN
• Fun, engaging, age appropriate and supportive.

Benefits for students:
• Speak with confidence
• Think creatively
• Build self esteem
• Think on your feet
• Develop self awareness
• Improve communication
• Develop leadership skills

We offer a complete range of public speaking workshops covering:
• Expressive skills: vocal variety & body language
• Opinions and how to put them forward
• Structuring your speech (impromptu & prepared)
• Introductions and votes of thanks
• Persuasive speaking skills
• Narrative speaking skills
• Informative speaking skills
• Effective communication skills for school leaders

We can also help your school work towards a final presentation class to parents. At the final presentation, our principal Vicki Skyring, an experienced Victorian Speech & Drama Eisteddfod adjudicator, can attend to provide students feedback and announce awards.

Our workshops connect with the Australian Curriculum and NAPLAN writing genres.


Primary Stage 1 (Y1-2), Primary Stage 2 (Y3-4), Primary Stage 3 (Y5-6), Secondary Stage 4 (Y7-8), Secondary Stage 5 (Y9-10), Secondary Stage 6 (Y11-12)


Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney

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