Let The Immersion Room bring Yum Cha into your classroom!

Dumplings are one of the most important foods eaten during the Chinese New Year because of their shape. They are similar to ancient gold ingots, symbolising wealth and prosperity.  Students will start off by getting their hands into making the dumpling dough from scratch! Making sure  you have lots of energy for kneading the dough.

While the dough is resting, students will participate in a variety of fun games aimed at improving their chopstick skills, before they head back and learn how to roll their dumpling skins using traditional rolling pins and techniques!

To conclude this experience, students will participate in the tradition of hiding a "gold coin" in a dumpling. The student who finds the coin is said to have good fortune for the entire year!

As an appreciation of their participation, students will take home their dumplings housed in a noodle box which they can uniquely decorate. Students will also use oriental inspired origami paper to fold chopstick holders, with thier very own chopsticks to take home! 

To authenticate the experience, each student will wear an apron and chefs hat.

*Please Note: Students will experience making the dumpling skins from scratch and using pretend filling. There will be no actual cooking or consumption of the dumplings during the incursion.


Kindergarten, Primary Stage 1 (Y1-2), Primary Stage 2 (Y3-4), Primary Stage 3 (Y5-6)


Melbourne, Melton

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