Blue Whale Theatre presents -Silly Billy Barbara - Let's Count!


The 'Silly Billy Barbara - Let's Count' show, is an interactive magic show which helps your little ones to understand numbers and quantities! Set within a hilarious magic show packed with singing, group dancing, fun counting songs and audience participation this show is a winner with audiences every time! The show also includes a brief introduction to clocks and time telling, magic tricks with the children, original songs and fun music, lots of giggles and wiggles and audience participation! suitable for ages 2 - 6 preschool, Kindergarten and Year 1 audiences.

"Dear Blue whale Theatre we really loved the Silly Billy Barbara shows – they were great!  We were very pleased with them and Lisa playing Silly Billy Barbara was fantastic!" Deborah Long, Quality Practice Manager, Children’s Services Sutherlandshire Council.

Areas: NSW. Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast.

Silly Billy Barbara comes from the planet Whizzy Fizzy Woo. The people of Whizzy Fizzy Woo love numbers. they like to count all the fun things that they can see, sing fun counting songs and dance with their friends! Silly Billy Barbara also loves magic and practising her magic with her friend Sailor Sam. On planet Whizzy Fizzy Woo, you can go anywhere you want, be anything you want to be, as long as you use your brain. Oh! and put on your special magic thinking caps!

But lately Silly Billy Barbara's magic tricks have been going all wrong! She turned an apple into a banana! And then she turned her little pink house into the colours of the rainbow!!! She quite likes her new rainbow house, but there is definitely something silly going on with her Whizzy fizzy magic box! It has forgotten how to count!

Help Silly Billy Barbara fix her magic box, as she takes your children on a fantastically funny and incredibly silly numerical adventure, counting all the fun things we see along the way!

Fun, interactive numeracy incursion for ages 2 - 6! Suitable for preschool and Kindergarten.  

Duration: 45 minute show.

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