Creative Science joins

Posted 6/07/2018

An entertaining live show from Creative Science will provide a unique and memorable shared experience for your students. Each show is packed with spectacular science demonstrations, audience participation and... > More

AWESOME Arts Australia joins

Posted 5/07/2018

AWESOME FESTIVAL The AWESOME Festival is an annual celebration of International, Australian and local arts presented across a huge variety of disciplines: Theatre, visual arts, dance, media arts,... > More

LCF Fun Languages Australia joins

Posted 26/06/2018

LCF Fun Languages operates pre-school, childcare centre, kinder, Montessori, before and after-school language learning centres across Australia. Operating throughout Europe, Australasia, South America and... > More

UpUnlimited joins

Posted 26/06/2018

UpUnlimited Richmond & Moorabbin is brought to you by The Makers of Clip 'N Climb Melbourne. Featuring over 60+ Clip N Climb climbing challenges and 85+ meters of caving obstacles across 2 awesome venues. It... > More

You Got This joins

Posted 26/06/2018

Blind Marathon Runner Adam Koops & his Seeing Eye Dog, Usher present an engaging, educational and interactive program. Student will learn about people with Blindness or Low Vision and gain an appreciation of... > More

Australian Soccer Clinics joins

Posted 17/05/2018

Australian Soccer Clinics - Our 2017 Identification Clinic was spread across Sydney at 4 different locations. In 2018 we are conducting a 5 day elite football camp which will entail the footballers to sleep on... > More

Sydney Youth Cup joins

Posted 17/05/2018

Sydney Youth Cup International is a great chance for Australia's youth to measure themselves against those on the world stage. Hone your skills by participating in our youth cups in Sydney which we arrange at... > More

Australian Youth Football Institute joins

Posted 17/05/2018

The aim of the Australian Youth Football Institute (AYFI) is to provide more players in Australia the opportunity to enhance their footballing abilities in an environment that they can focus on their... > More

Little People Nutrition joins

Posted 30/04/2018

At Little People Nutrition we believe that food nourishes our bodies. It also connects us with people – our families, friends, culture and community; as well as our environment – where food comes from and how... > More


Posted 30/04/2018

MADAME ZELDA'S TRAVELLING GYPSY SHOW   Genre: Story Telling, Fortune Telling, Cultural Absurdity.   Madame Zelda is a wacky Gypsy who travels the world collecting stories , artefacts, friends... > More