1. Cultural Immersion Workshop

Kutcha Edwards poses some curly questions in a workshop designed to draw from the participants the knowledge of Aboriginal Australia they currently possess and enhance that, with some reality checks along the way. Some of the questions that are posed in the workshops of mutti mutti man Kutcha Edwards are:

Do you live in the same street as an Aboriginal person?
How do you know they are Aboriginal?
How long have Aboriginal people been here?
Who discovered Australia?
Who is an Australian citizen and why are they an Australian citizen?
When is it appropriate to call someone uncle / aunty?

Through stories, songs and dialogue, Kutcha explores, defines and imparts his understanding of what it is to be an Indigenous person in Australia today and the true history that brought us to this point in time.

2. Stolen Generations & Reconciliation Workshop

Kutcha will take you on a unique journey through Australia’s untold history as he relates his experiences as a member of The Stolen Generations. He reveals where his life has taken him from the traumatic parting from his family, including the challenges faced, the hurdles overcome, his work within the Aboriginal and wider community, and his role in the reconciliation of the peoples of Australia. Encouraging two way conversation and participation, the workshop aims to enlighten and educate in the spirit of reconciliation with a view to enhancing a more positive understanding and appreciation of Australia’s indigenous people.

3. Singing Workshop

Kutcha shares his songs and stories inspired by the history and struggle of his people. From the first song Kutcha ever wrote to a song written in his fathers’ language, Kutcha’s songline has been inspired and influenced by the people and places he has travelled. From campfires to world stages, prisons to universities, Kutcha encourages the power of song to heal the spirit. In these workshops Kutcha has chosen two songs to work with; the well known and anthem like song ‘Yil Lul’ and one of his own, ‘Is This What We Deserve’. The latter exemplifies the impact and harm perpetuated by Government policy coupled with social bigotry, while ‘Yil Lul’, written by Joe Geia, is an uplifting and healing piece that is written in the spirit of reconciliation. As each song is learnt by participants, Kutcha simultaneously imparts the messages and history of each piece in a workshop of two way conversation that paves the way for a group sing along.

4. Song Writing Workshop

A masterclass with renowned singer/songwriter Kutcha Edwards.  Processes such as developing lyrics, rhythm, verses, the chorus, an intro and outro will be demonstrated.  Learn what helped Kutcha develop his own successful albums with one of Australia’s most renowned Aboriginal singer/songwriters. Duration of the workshop can extend from a brief 2 hour session to a full day. Given time and with the assistance of an instrumentalist with recording skills, the participants can write and record their work on cd. It is helpful if participants also play a musical instrument.


Primary Stage 3 (Y5-6), Secondary Stage 4 (Y7-8), Secondary Stage 5 (Y9-10), Secondary Stage 6 (Y11-12)


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