Junior Chef Incursions

Inspire your children to eat well and get cooking! 

This is a comprehensive experience for your children. 

My goals is to foster indepencence in the kitchen! 

Great care has been given to organisation on the day to make this happen. 

Children are warmly welcomed to 'their restaurant' and we talk about everyone being part of the team. A fun blindfolded 'taste test' sets the fun feel for the day. Then we get to work: Children don their Chef hats and aprons, and off we go! 

'Head Chefs' are appointed for each group of 10 children, and they are responsible for the team. They're given a clip board with a check list, to make sure their team ticks all the boxes, and prepares a beautiful presented shared table of food.

Within each group, children can work independently or with their friends to create each menu item. This is made simple for them, as they have visual guides: Ingredients and Utensils to collect from a table, and Step-by-Step Instructions showing them how to prepare their dishes. 

Children also create their own placecards, and personalise their chef aprons with Sharpie Pens. 

Although competition is not the main focus of this workshop, children love prizes, and there will be awards for best team work/ best table/ best cleaner-upperer etc. 

My intention? To forge indepence and confidence in children and promote healthy eating! 

EVERYTHING IS PROVIDED: Utensils/Ingredients/Recipe Sheets/Food 
Fees include GST
School Term
JUNIOR CHEF 90 Minute Workshop
Minimum fee: $600 for up to 30 children. 
Additional children $20 per head. Limit: 40 children. 
All children are provided with a Chef Hat and Apron that they take home. 
Vacation Care 
JUNIOR CHEF 2 Hour Workshop. 
Minimum fee: $500 for up to 25 children. 
Additional children $20 per head. Limit: 50 children. 


Primary Stage 1 (Y1-2), Primary Stage 2 (Y3-4), Primary Stage 3 (Y5-6)


Central Coast, Richmond, Sydney, Windsor

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