Michelangelo’s David wasn’t built in a day but with Toonworld’s new “hands-on” model making workshop Creaturetoons!children can create a Dinosaur or even Mythical Creatures in no time!

Creaturetoons will have the children captivated for hours, long after we have gone and then have an opportunity to marvel at their work in their bedrooms.

The children start with pre-constructed wire armatures which are in the basic forms of dinosaurs, and mythical dragons. Students will be adding both the under-structure (foil and tape) of the character and a clay skin to bring their creature to life!

Once the clay skin is dry enough, marker or pens will be used to decorate and colour the creature. Other craft materials may be added to enhance authenticity and then we take photos in a background or even in the garden to place them in their habitat.

Understanding of anatomy.
Learn about the properties of a wider range of media.

Students gain a deeper understanding of the concept of motion in relation to the physical world.

Development of team building skills.

Appeal equally to boys and girls alike.

Students learn the value of developing and taking ownership of their own ideas with specific roles and responsibilities.



Primary Stage 1 (Y1-2), Primary Stage 2 (Y3-4), Primary Stage 3 (Y5-6), Secondary Stage 4 (Y7-8), Secondary Stage 5 (Y9-10), Secondary Stage 6 (Y11-12)


Ballarat, Bendigo, Brisbane, Bunbury, Cairns, Central Coast, Geelong, Geraldton, Hervey Bay, Maitland, Mandurah, Melbourne, Melton, Mildura, Newcastle, Perth, Richmond, Rockingham, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Thuringowa, Toowoomba, Warrnambool, Windsor, Wodonga, Wollongong

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