Bullying - Empowering KIDS to Speak Up, Support Each Other and Not Be Bystanders.

Tall Poppies - STAND TALL is a workshop aimed at boys & girls from around the ages of 8-14years (or can do older children if required separately). 

Tall Poppies - STAND TALL explores the issue of bullying -  the types of bullying that can occur (including cyber bullying) and the difference a bystander can make.

STAND TALL empowers young people to speak up and be an upstander not a bystander to bullying.

Exploration of the inner bully is discussed including how we can mistreat ourselves and use negative self talk sometimes and the impacts this has on our self-esteem.

The workshop includes the creation of a positive vision board each child can bring home and other activities along the way.

Workshop runs for 2.5 hours usually but can tailor it as required.



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