Introducing, the ancient-eastern tradition of Henna body art. From its humble beginnings, to its emergence in modern western culture, let us take you on a creative journey of self-beautification and personal expression.
Henna tattooing is the art of decorating the body, with the application of Henna dye to the skin, in the form of a paste. This medium is made from the leaves of the Henna plant and is both completely natural and completely safe. The paste is left to form a crust, which is removed, leaving behind a temporary stain. This unique type of tattoo will last between 1-2 weeks. For those not so keen on the commitment, we provide non-toxic markers to create the same effect, which can be washed off at any time.
This workshop starts with a brief introduction to the history, cultural relevance and current uses of this beautiful and expressive ancient art form. Students will then receive an in-depth explanation of the processes used to create the special Henna or ‘Mehndi’ paste, which will be used in the class. This is followed by a live demonstration by a professional Henna Artist, in which students will learn the techniques and skills used when applying the Henna paste.
Students will have access to a booklet of handpicked designs, of varying difficulties. All students are encouraged to try it for themselves, under the guidance of the experienced Henna Artist.

The Henna Workshop is a perfect activity for: Multi-cultural Days, Visual Arts, Design, Fetes and Fairs


Primary Stage 3 (Y5-6), Secondary Stage 4 (Y7-8), Secondary Stage 5 (Y9-10), Secondary Stage 6 (Y11-12)



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