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At Toonworld Education, we believe that there is way too much sugar and processed food in the diets of most Australian kids these days, and the rate of childhood obesity is alarming. To address this and extend our support to living a healthy lifestyle, we have created a brand-new kid’s incursion that talks about the importance of fruits and vegetables and superpower the possess while highlighting the dangers of junk food through a brand-new world! IT'S CALLED FOODTOONS!

Go Nutrition Mad with Toonworld Education. We invite students to come on an epic journey filled with creativity and healthy challenges where you will meet Bruno Banana and his super friends the Foodtoons. Discover their special super-food-powers which can be used against the Sugar Queen's plot to turn Foodtown into JUNKFOOD town!

Every incursion includes an amazing full-colour 28 pages drawing activity book for each child to take home and keep drawing.

Our incursions are offered Australia wide in schools, vacation care centres, shopping centres and children's festivals around the world.


Toonworld were amazing and Mike was great to work with! As we are a very small school, they made every effort to accommodate our needs and no request was too much trouble!

Our Toonpreneur was Claudio and he was FANTASTIC! The students were provided with a fun and engaging incursion with a mix of comedy, few skits and plenty of drawing. Claudio was so enthusiastic that it became infectious amongst the students. All the students were involved throughout the presentation.

We have no hesitation in recommending Toonworld Education.

Melinda Hoy - Southside Montessori

Price section


FOODTASTIC – 1 x 1-hour incursion

Caters for 25 kids

$395 including GST

 Max 25 kids

FOODTIME – 1 x 1.5-hour incursion

Caters for 35 kids

$495 including GST

FOODTOONER - 2 x 1-hour incursion

Caters for 50 kids

$595 including GST

FOODATHON – 2 x 1.5 hour incursion

Caters for 70 kids

$695 including GST

TOONARAMA – All day incursion

Caters for 105 kids

$1595 including GST

All workshop materials are provided.

ONLINE PRICING “Tooning Online” via zoom

Tooning Online – 1 hour incursion

Caters for 25 kids

$395 including GST

Tooning Online – 2 x 1 hour incursion

Caters for 25 kids per session

$600 including GST

Tooning Online  8-10 week

1  incursion per week

Caters for 25 kids in each session

$1500 including GST

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