Hellenic Harmonies (VIC)

Joseph will demonstrate the different sounds of Greece from frame drums to hand drums, from the bouzouki to the lute and from the flute to the bagpipe. Greece has such a richly diverse musical culture, so sit back and enjoy while we take a musical journey through Greece brought directly to the classroom.

Italian Music (VIC)

This energetic program brings the traditional music of Italy’s south into your classroom!  Through this interactive workshop, your students will discover the rhythms and sounds of instruments like the Castanettes, the Diatonic Accordion, the Tamburello, the Putipù and the Ciaramella.

Mediterranean Journey (VIC)

Follow the musical journey of the bouzouki, an instrument that has evolved to play traditional music from countries throughout Asia and Europe. Join Jacob, a bouzouki expert as he takes your students through the many forms of the instruments, playing different styles and revealing their history. A captivating cultural story through music.

Balkan Beats (QLD)

Embark on a musical journey to Southeastern Europe with an interactive music program suitable for all ages.  Students can use whatever percussion instruments they have available—Darabuka, Djembe, Bendir, or just clap their hands!—as they learn the rhythms of the Turkish gypsies, Bulgarian dancers and Macedonian maestros.

Percussion Extravaganza (VIC)

The Russian Percussion Extravaganza program boasts energy, entertainment and virtuosity, combining both traditional Russian melodies and pieces in the style of pop, jazz, Latin and contemporary. Sergei is able to combine his performance with a masterclass or workshop for the school’s percussion ensemble, enabling students to gain greater understanding of the Russian styles of percussion.

Fire of Flamenco (VIC, NSW, QLD, SA)

With her long flowing dress and castanets, our Flamenco dancer will impress students with her intricate footwork, while they help keep the special Flamenco beat with palmas (handclapping). This program will teach students how this unique Andalusian gypsy music and dance style has evolved and will have everyone on their feet shouting “Olé!”

Les Chansons Fançaises (QLD)

Introduce your students to French culture through Chanson – a style of music and song with origins in the Renaissance. Working with both traditional and more contemporary songs, this is a fantastic opportunity for your students to speak French, sing and dance! An authentic, engaging and educational music program suitable for all ages.

Chinese Music (VIC, SA)

Your students will gain insight into the authentic music of ancient Chinese Culture. Presented as a performance and workshop, students will be immersed in Chinese cultural history as they explore traditional instruments. This interactive incursion captures the hidden treasures of Chinese folk history.

Chinese Traditional Instrumental (VIC)

Immerse your students in a musical composition workshop using the Chinese pentatonic scale. Students will discover Chinese culture and its rich history along with aspects of Chinese folk music and the minorities of China will also be examined.  Students will also have the opportunity to compose their own music in groups using the pentatonic scale.

Taiko Drumming (VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD)

Engage your students in the rhythms of Japan in this exciting and interactive music program. Students are introduced to an array of Japanese Instruments before the room shakes with the sound of the Taiko drums! Some students may even have the opportunity to try the drums themselves.

Traditional Koto (VIC, NSW, QLD)

Discover the classically beautiful sounds of the koto, a thirteen string Japanese harp.  A master Koto artist performs classical Japanese pieces and creates new styles by combining the Koto with other instruments in order to share the beauty of Japanese culture.

Bukhu, Traditional Mongolian Throat Singer (NSW)

The talented Bukhu demonstrates both the remarkable Mongolian horse head fiddle and the hypnotic aural pleasure that is Shaman-derived throat singing. Bukhu masterfully weaves these instruments (voice and fiddle) with contemporary loop pedals and modern beats to create a show that will enthrall students and leave them wanting to learn throat singing themsleves!

Tari Gambelan (NSW)

Featuring a variety of instruments such as metallophones, xylophones, kendang (drums), bamboo flutes and string instruments, this incursion offers student’s valuable insight into Indonesian life. Students will learn some basic Balinese dance steps accompanied by the sounds and rhythms of traditional instruments.

INI Rhythms (QLD)

Bringing some of the world’s oldest cultures together through music, INI Rhythms merges Indigenous

Australian, Nepalese and Indian music, taking students on a musical journey of culture and unity! The workshop focuses on global hip-hop, connecting the contemporary to the roots of the culture. Students have the chance to experience vocal and lyrical techniques, beatboxing, didgeridoo and tabla playing.

Tabla Talking (VIC, QLD) 

This exciting program introduces students to the fastest percussion instrument in the world—the North Indian Tabla! Students will be in awe of the drummers’ speed and skill, especially when they try the tricky Tabla rhythms themselves.  An interactive program that encourages students to discover a new kind of music.

Latino Grooves (SA)

Latin America comes alive in this authentic and energetic musical incursion. This experienced group show off their skills with contemporary and traditional instruments from across the Americas. Students won't be able to get the rhythms out of their heads.


¡Viva Mexico! (NSW)

Join Victor on a musical journey to Latin America with a range of instruments including the Mexican harp, Mexican and Spanish guitars and Latin percussion instruments. Students will love Victor’s traditional costume, learning Spanish greetings, and clapping and dancing along to Mexican folk songs and iconic Latin American tunes.

Music of the Andes (VIC)

Inka Marka combines traditional Andean costumes, dance, musical performances and background information to deliver a dynamic and fascinating educational package. Delivering a memorable experience for teachers and children alike, Inka Marka takes the class on a musical voyage to Latin America to experience firsthand the exciting rhythms and dances of the Inka Culture.

Sweet Jamaica (VIC)

Experience music, song, dance, stories, games and riddles to immerse your students in the colourful culture and history of Jamaica! Whether as a dance workshop, musical call and response, storytelling session or a combination of all their skills, Queen Jigzie and King Ru will surely entertain while they inform. A versatile and interactive session.

Steelpan Carnival (QLD)

Take an exciting and educational journey to the Caribbean with the uplifting and infectious sounds of the Trinidadian and Tobagan steel drums! Students will love clapping and dancing along to the variety of percussion instruments and special Caribbean rhythms; like reggae, calypso, salsa and more!

Caribbean Soul (NSW)

Caribbean Soul is the intriguing sounds of the steel drums, sweet reggae music and the happy beats of Calypso and Soca. Dances accompany the different musical styles as Errol and Jay, from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago produce energising Caribbean rhythms.

Shohrat Tursun Trio (NSW)

A dynamic combination of ancient Asian melodies and African rhythms woven into contemporary compositions that can only be found in Australia.  The trio consists of a Uyghur Bard vocalist and Dutar player, a Ghanaian percussionist, and their music director. Come and be inspired by the sound of multicultural Australia!

Monsoon Winds (QLD)

Students discover fun and compelling musical traditions from around the globe as renowned multi-instrumentalist Francis Gilfedder takes them on a wind instrument-themed musical journey through the Indian Himalaya, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Indonesia and on to North and South America. 

African Moon (NSW)

Experience the traditional storytelling, dancing and singing of Sierra Leone, passed down through the generations by village elders who would draw young people around them at night under the moonlight as they told stories from their own ancestors. Students are sure to be surprised and delighted by the drama, mischief and suspense, just as Yarrie was during her own childhood.

Azadoota (NSW)

Australia’s foremost Middle Eastern World Music band, Azadoota presents Assyrian and Iraqi culture in a lively and contemporary music program. Despite unfamiliar language and rhythms, Azadoota draws students in, encouraging them to participate in a musical celebration of freedom! Featuring musicians from around the globe, this wonderful program works to break down stereotypes and promote tolerance and harmony.



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