Spirit of Italia (VIC)

Students will be immersed in stories of Italian immigrants arriving in Australia and the challenges that they face upon entering a new country.  Our presenter will lead discussions on Italian culture, language, food and dance and the students will have the opportunity to learn a traditional folk dance, the Tarantalla!  An engaging and educational insight into immigration, Italy and performance art.

Around the World and Back Again (VIC)

Meet the world’s greatest explorer, and his slightly nervous Sailor Assistant, as they make amazing discoveries and search for an entirely new country! Come along for the ride as they visit different continents and meet exciting characters and strange animals, learning all about the various cultures and their history along the way. All aboard!

Values in Story (VIC)

Enjoy engaging and hilarious storytelling from David Edgren, a professional storyteller and author of five children’s books. Expertly crafted stories cover topics including self-worth, community, compassion, anti-bullying, wellbeing, multiculturalism and inclusion, interfaith dialogue, and self-awareness and confidence.  Dave even shares tips on how to create your own stories to compel and inspire.

African Moon (NSW)

Experience the traditional storytelling, dancing and singing of Sierra Leone, passed down through the generations by village elders who would draw young people around them at night under the moonlight as they told stories from their own ancestors. Students are sure to be surprised and delighted by the drama, mischief and suspense, just as Yarrie was during her own childhood.

Tasila Culture (WA)

Artist, story-teller and musician Wajipha Chongwe performs this unique and interactive program which tells the story of two very different cultures. The performance focuses on how an understanding of both her African heritage and Australian identity has shaped and informed her life. By using spoken word, song and dance, the story takes a personal look at the often misunderstood concepts of culture and identity.

Aboriginal For A Day (VIC) – All Day Program

This all day program will have students immersed in Australian Indigenous culture. Very popular for its interactivity and for engaging closely with students, this program encompasses storytelling, face painting, arts, dance and a didgeridoo music showcase.  Students will develop a new understanding of the rich and ancient traditions of Australia’s first inhabitants.

Indigenous Infusion (VIC, NSW, QLD, WA)

The Indigenous Infusion program is the perfect introduction into Indigenous history and culture.  Students will develop a new understanding of the rich and ancient traditions of Australia’s first inhabitants.  With storytelling, traditional languages and cultural history, our presents aim to preserve their culture as well as promote understanding of the land and its traditional owners.

Aboriginal Culture For A Day (QLD) – All Day Program

Immerse your students in the culture of Australian Aboriginals. This all day program is interactive, engaging and students will gain insight into, and an understanding of, Australia’s first inhabitants. Students will experience Indigenous storytelling, arts, dance, didgeridoo and boomerang throwing.


Kindergarten, Primary Stage 1 (Y1-2), Primary Stage 2 (Y3-4), Primary Stage 3 (Y5-6), Secondary Stage 4 (Y7-8), Secondary Stage 5 (Y9-10)


Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Melbourne, Melton, Mildura, Shepparton-Mooroopna, Warrnambool

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