"Off This Planet / Starlab Australia" consists of a mobile planetarium which comes directly to your school, local hall or suitable facility. We have a “Starlab” dome with a fibre-arc optic projection system which depicts a brilliant night sky for any day of the year. There are also other full dome projections to depict the movement of the Earth and others showing the Greek and Chinese Constellations.We try to also include some indigenous star pictures and stories.

Our incursion includes a Space History and Exploration component which has been endorsed by many Space Shuttle astronauts. There is a life size model of an Apollo Astronaut, moving Mars Rovers, Saturn V and Space Shuttle models, many items "flown in space" and even an authentic Mars meteorite,all of which can be handled by the students/audience.

Our school programs are based on the National Curriculum and can be found on our website. They are suitable for both primary (Foundation - Grade 6) and secondary (Year 7-10) students.They include topics from day/night through to Life and Death of Stars and Cosmology.



Kindergarten, Primary Stage 1 (Y1-2), Primary Stage 2 (Y3-4), Primary Stage 3 (Y5-6), Secondary Stage 4 (Y7-8), Secondary Stage 5 (Y9-10)


Albury, Ballarat, Bendigo, Canberra, Geelong, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Melton, Mildura, Richmond, Shepparton-Mooroopna, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Warrnambool, Windsor, Wodonga, Wollongong

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