The Flying Bookworms - Storytelling and Fairytales


With over forty years experience in presenting theatre to tens of thousands of students across Victoria, The Flying Bookworm Theatre Company can proudly say that we know our audiences and their needs.

Our performances cater for students at pre-school, primary and secondary school levels. All productions are linked to curriculum designs.

A Flying Bookworm presentation will bring vibrancy and theatricality to your students’ learning. Expect students to be enlivened, entertained, engaged and educated by their experience. Anticipate that your students will leave the performance motivated to build on that experience.

The Flying Bookworm Theatre Company tours throughout the school year and reaches all corners of Victoria. Have theatre company, will travel. And that means to your door!

The Flying Bookworm actors are knowledgeable on all aspects of OH and S and the codes of Professional Conduct and responsibilities that apply when working with children. With frequent contact with staff in schools, The FBTC is aware of the pressures on staff and so ensures the administrative and booking processes are as simple as possible.

Each performance goes for 45 minutes and contains three stories which are selected by… YOU! By choosing the stories from our selection that suit you best, you can ensure that your students get the most out of the experience.

Our actors are highly trained, but they are not the stars of the show… your students are! Our Magic Journey programme emphasizes participation and even puts some of your students in starring roles. Every one of your students will be able to participate in the performance.

For our Pre-School audiences, we understand that sometimes a live show in your kinder room may be a little overwhelming for some students. Our actors are aware of the needs of the audience and will adjust a performance to accommodate those needs.

Our stories for the 2021 season are…

Opening stories (choose one):

One of Australia’s most loved characters who goes for a bike ride you will never forget. Lots of fun and action with wonderful new words to explore!

A magical Dreamtime story about the origin of a pouch. Kanga can never find her Joey! She battle find her quickly, as there may be a hunter around...

A beautiful and fun classic poem from the writer of Winnie the Pooh, presented in a dynamic and engaging way. 

Main Stories (choose two):

Run run run, as fast as you can! But try as our wonderful volunteers might, they can't can't the Gingerbread Man. But wait, is that a sneaky fox?

A Bookworm classic return! Join Mrs Virginia Ham as she tells the tale of her three darling piggies. A great story about thinking outside the box and working together. 

A first peoples' Dreamtime story about a very thirsty frog. Tiddalick has drank all the water in the land! How do we get the water out? Make him laugh of course! But that may not be as easy as it seems...

Join Hans and Helga as they tell the famous much loved story. By the way, our troll is really not very scary, but he’s very silly and great fun. A great way to learn about words like big, middle size, and little. Lots of laughter to be had!

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