Toonworld Education presents "TOONIMATION" Stop Motion Animation STEM Incursion - Where animation meets creativity


GO ANIMATING MAD! with Toonworld Education STEM Animation Incursion Celebrating 7 years and going strong! 

We invite your students to join us in discovering the exciting world of Stop Motion Animation and experience the magic of film production. These workshops are designed to improve teamwork and literacy while channeling creativity and imagination. Booking a Toonworld Incursion is an effective way of introducing STEM into the classroom or to  fulfill a storytelling unit in the curriculum or just for a reward to hardworking students!


The 1.5-hour sessions are fun simple and exciting for children aged from 5 to 15 years old and cater for a max of 35 students. 

In each session we demonstrate simple hints and tips on how to Animate effectively together. We first give a group presentation using volunteers on the step-by-step techniques to making their own plasticine characters and then how to use the simple software, we then split into groups to create our themed backgrounds, and props and design a story to go with their heroes. 


Using our Ipads and easy-to-learn software the teams are creating Instantly! and learning the ideal style to produce an effective sequence in the process.

Everyone will get to construct their own cool clay characters that they can take home and make their own movies!

We add some cool narration and sounds and then upload all their movies and send you the link so their friends and family can marvel at their masterpieces.


WE SUPPLY - Toonworld Supplies everything for the workshop. 

WE REQUIRE - 5-6 tables set up in a spacious or hall/ projector or monitor but not essential 

For a Deeper Dive, we have partnered up with Mappen in their Frame by Frame Unit 


We have packages that can cater to any size school or center

  • Toonimation - Full day - (105 students) 3 x 1.5 hr sessions inc lunch breaks = $1,755 inc GST

  • Toonimator - Morning Session - (70 students) 2 x 1.5 hr sessions = $955 inc GST

  • Toonimate - Afternoon  Session -  (35 students) 1 x 1.5 hr sessions  = $655 inc GST

Animation is all about Creativity, Interactivity, and heaps of FUN!

Toonworld's incursions are offered nationwide in schools, vacation care centers, shopping centers, and children's festivals around the world.


Some Feedback from Schools and OSHC centres  -

Each Year our Year 3 students complete a unit of study on animations. This unit is a part of our STEM program. For quite a few years we have traveled from our school in Geelong to Melbourne to take part in an excursion learning about the art of animating. That was until last year when we found Toonworld. Now we have the Toonworld's team, come to our school and our students are involved in hands-on animation workshops with them. These animation workshops are so beneficial and we use them as a catalyst for our animation program. The students learn how to create characters, settings, and scripts. They have the opportunity to record their animation using the provided iPads and then at the end of the day showcase all of their work to their families. If you were thinking of teaching your students how to create animations, then I would highly recommend that you use Toonworlds to introduce the concept to your students.

Debbie Riddle - Year 3 Co-Ordinator at Christian College Junior School, Geelong VIC

Hi Toonworld,

Thank you for such an enjoyable incursion!!!!!!!!! Your infectious enthusiasm ensured that the children would have a great afternoon. Claudio, you managed to capture all the children's imagination under pressing conditions and I am grateful for your amiable patience. We had a large group and each child contributed to the incursion. This was evident when children were collected from the program and they were absolutely glowing in their appraisal of the workshop to their parents. Not only to did you bring the passionate fervor, you provided all the equipment and knowledge that guaranteed a successful day. I look forward to using Toonworld again in the very near future.

Best Wishes,

Paul Davis - Essex Heights Primary School Vic

Hi Toonworld,

Thanks again for coming to teach the children about making movies. They were very engaged and loved every moment of it.

Thank you for coming today. I really enjoyed it. My favourite part was making the toys - Sienna

Thanks for the experience! My team was awesome and hopefully, I can get YouTube back so that I can watch our movie! -  Grace

Thanks for teaching us how to make a movie I can't wait to make more Claudio and Justin - Oliver

Thanks for coming to the holiday program to teach us to make these awesome clay shows and I can't wait till you can visit again Claudio and Justin - Ben 

Telopea Park ACT

Toonworld visit was really well planned and exciting they got all the kids involved which they loved the staff were really patient and helpful the kids loved making their own mini-films and all got involved would definitely recommend this program to others and would love to it again Toonworld's visit was super fun, exciting, and engaging! 

Harrison Holiday Programme - Gabbie

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