Mental Health

Colour Zones of Self Regulation - (A Mental Health & Inclusion Incursion)


 An engaging and fun workshop teaching students to identify their emotions and encourages them to explore methods and ways to self regulate through the colour zones.   We use various methods to teach identifying emotions including through music, dance, movement, therapy toys, colour keys for each student, props, meditation, puppets, posters and for senior school anatomy of the brain.   This workshop works!   Outcomes you will notice is an understanding of emotions and desire from students to discover how they can self regulate to  their 'thinking zone' and work on their own emotional intelligence to be the best they can be when learning, performing or managing stress.  Self Regulation is a follow on to this incursion.

Curriculum Links & Key Subject Areas: Mental Health and Wellbeing, Inclusion & Disability, Resilience, Health & Physical Education, Relationships, Rhythmic and Expressive Movement Activities, Respectful Relationships.  Multiculturalism, Social Science, Social Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Anti Bullying

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